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Our Objective has been conceptualized with an overall objective to provide free basic English grammar lessons in Hindi language. The website will be useful to a large percentage of Hindi speaking population of India that still does not have any understanding of the English language.


This website is inspired by the book ‘Learn English’ written by Late Shri Nehpal Singh Tanwar. All the Video Lessons, Exercises and Vocabulary sections are completely based on the book Learn English.

Late Shri Nehpal Singh Tanwar was an eminent educationist. ‘Learn English” is a unique and authentic book written by him, based on his rich english teaching experience of over 35 years. Late Sh. Tanwar had a very deep and first hand understanding of the challenges faced by the young Hindi medium students. His style of teaching and writing is extremely simple and lucid.

The first edition of ‘Learn English’ was published in the year 1964. After that, 35 more editions of ‘Learn English’ have been published till date. Lakhs of students from Hindi speaking states have benefitted by reading this book. The book has specially proved a boon to the students appearing in the various competitive examinations.

Meet Our Founder -

Adhip Tanwar

This website is the brainchild of Adhip Tanwar. Adhip is the great grandson of Late Shri Nehpal Singh Tanwar, the author of the book “Learn English”. Adhip was born after the demise of his great grandfather and did not get an opportunity to personally interact with him. However, he is deeply inspired by the style, substance and success of the book “Learn English”. He himself referred the book extensively during his growing up years. This website is a result of Adhip’s passion and belief in the need and efficacy of the philosophy of this book even in present times, since a large percentage of the Hindi Speaking population in India still do not have any understanding of English language.

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